Why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is Preferred

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has beenfor a long time, but it didn’t really become popular until about a decade ago. In 2009, Oprah published an article in her magazine about bioidentical hormone therapy and her personal experience. Since that time, more and more people are making use of bioidentical hormones. It is preferred for a number of reasons.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are chemically the same as the hormones that the body produces naturally. They are typically taken from plant and animal sources. There are some bioidentical hormone therapies that are regulated by the FDA and manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies. Bioidentical hormones can also be made into pellets or compounded at a special pharmacy to be specific to your needs. Continue reading “Why Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is Preferred”

Advantages of Pellets for Hormone Balancing

hormone replacement tampa florida 2Both men and women often find themselves facing uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms as they age. When we age, our natural hormone production is decreased, causing any number of symptoms including hot flashes, mood changes, and sexual dysfunction. There are many treatments available for hormone deficiencies and imbalances, but one of the most effective is hormone pellet therapy. There are several advantages to this type of hormone replacement therapy.

Consistent Dosing

With many other hormone replacement therapies, the hormones being introduced can fluctuate in strength over the course of the treatment. This means that your symptoms may disappear for a time, but they will return and could potentially be worse until you start the next dose. With hormone pellet therapy, a constant, consistent amount of hormones are released over the course of three to six months. This is a much more consistent and effective way to get the hormones into your system. Continue reading “Advantages of Pellets for Hormone Balancing”

Dermaplaning: When It’s Appropriate and What You Need to Know

Dermaplaning is the best kept secret of the stars, and now it is available to the masses through select providers. This simple and minimally invasive procedure can give your skin a fresh, radiant look. Before jumping on the celebrity bandwagon and scheduling your own dermaplaning session, you should have some knowledge of what it entails and when it is appropriate.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a procedure in which a small 10-blade scalpel is used to scrape the dead skin cells, debris, and peach fuzz from your skin. This is not simply shaving the peach fuzz from your face, which you could do at home. Instead, dermaplaning actually removes dead skin cells and the uppermost thin layer of skin so that fresh new skin can leave you looking fresh and radiant. It should not be attempted at home, in spite of the many how-to guides that can be found online. Continue reading “Dermaplaning: When It’s Appropriate and What You Need to Know”

Rejuvenating Your Skin: What You Need to Know about Microneedling

There are a lot of skin treatments available to help you have fresher, younger-looking skin. One of the best methods for flawless skin is microneedling. This procedure is all natural and minimally invasive. It is preferred by many celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Moore, all of whom are constantly praised for their youthful appearance. Learn more about microneedling and how it can help your skin.

How It Works

Microneedling prompts the body to produce additional collagen and elastin, which makes skin fuller, firmer, smoother, and more evenly toned. As we age, collagen and elastin production begin to decrease. In fact, the decrease begins at about age 25. Microneedling prompts the body to repair the skin, sending collagen and elastin to the area. Continue reading “Rejuvenating Your Skin: What You Need to Know about Microneedling”

Get Long Lasting Results with Sculptra

If you have deep nasolabial folds, contour deficiencies, or other facial wrinkles, you may benefit from Sculptra treatments. As we age, collagen production in the body wanes. Collagen production actually begins to decrease as early as age 25. Over time, this lack of collagen can result in deep folds around the nose and mouth as you lose volume in your face. Sculptra is one long lasting option that will help you get back to the look you want.

How Does Sculptura Work?

Sculptra is not your average dermal filler. Instead of aiming for fast correction of lines and folds in the face, Sculptra aims for longer lasting results. Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid to stimulate collagen growth in the face to reduce folds and wrinkles in the skin. Over the course of several treatments and about three months, you will notice more and more collagen in your face, which reduces the appearance of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. Continue reading “Get Long Lasting Results with Sculptra”

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you are like most women, shaving during the winter months usually goes by the wayside. You don’t think much about the hair on your legs and underarms when you are wearing long sleeves and pants. Yet with the spring comes a new wardrobe, filled with short sleeve tops and skirts or capris. You will want to look your best during these months, as well as prepare for a summer of lounging by the pool or at the beach. Here are the three top reasons to schedule your spring laser hair removal treatment today.

Multiple Treatments May Be Necessary

In some cases, more than one treatment with laser hair removal is required before shaving is no longer an issue. If you want to be able to spend your summer months shave-free, you will want to start with laser hair removal now. If more than one treatment is required to get the desired results, you will have plenty of time to get the treatments and recover before the summer months hit. Continue reading “3 Reasons to Schedule Your Spring Laser Hair Removal Treatment”

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Summer

Winter has officially ended, and spring is here. Before you know it, summer will be upon us. Summer is a great time to get together with friends and family, travel the country or abroad, and enjoy outdoor get-togethers. If you want to look your best for summer, now is the time to start preparing your face and body for these outings. There are three very good options that can be used alone or together to prepare your skin for the great outdoors.


Facials are a great way to slough off the dead skin of winter and give yourself a fresh appearance. There are several facial options to choose from. The ultrasonic facial uses high frequency sonic waves to cleanse and repair the skin, and to promote new skin growth. The waves remove dead skin cells, clean out pores, and restore the natural electrical charge to your cells.

You can also opt to get a HydraFacial. These facials are a three-step treatment, and not only cleanse and repair the skin, but can also decrease fine lines and wrinkles. The three steps consist of a cleanse and peel, extracting debris and hydrating the skin, and fusing the skin with nutrients and protecting it against sun and other damage. Continue reading “3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Summer”

How to Eliminate a Double Chin Without Surgery

One of the problems that many women and men face as they age is the dreaded double chin. You can get a double chin if you gain and lose weight, or as the skin and fat under your chin stretches and loses its elasticity and sometimes it’s just heredity. In any case, the dreaded double chin doesn’t have to be permanent. There is now a new FDA approved treatment for eliminating the double chin without expensive surgery or recovery time.

Introducing Kybella

Kybella is the first FDA approved treatment for the double chin. This injectable contains deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body to break down fat. The acid injected into your neck fat or double chin will break down and eliminate the fat in that area. With the treatment, fat will no longer be able to accumulate in the area. However, more than one treatment may be required to get the desired results. Continue reading “How to Eliminate a Double Chin Without Surgery”

Why Vitamin Infusion Therapy is Good After the Holidays

liquividaHolidays can be a difficult time for the diet. Whether your family celebrates throughout the winter months or you are thinking about the upcoming Easter holiday and spring break, there are a lot of good reasons to consider Vitamin infusion therapy after holiday seasons.

Your Diet is Lacking

During holiday seasons, you may eat more than you normally do. But the problem is with what you are eating. Most people eat comfort food during the winter months, which doesn’t have a lot of nutrition. Candy, baked goods, and the other goodies that come with the holidays can also be a problem and are not giving you the vitamins you need.

Vitamin infusion therapy will help you replenish your body with the nutrients it has been missing during these times. Although you can take vitamin supplements during the holidays and winter months, IV vitamin therapy is much more effective. Because the vitamins don’t have to go through the digestive tract, your body is able to absorb more of the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Continue reading “Why Vitamin Infusion Therapy is Good After the Holidays”

4 Options to Keep Your Skin Fresh During Winter

It has been a long winter, and your skin probably shows it. Winter is a horrible time for skin health, and it is important that you allow your skin to recover to show its beauty. Luckily, there are several different options for keeping your skin fresh and moisturized during and after the winter months.


There are a few different facials that are available that will help your skin look and feel its best. A facial will cleanse and hydrate your skin better than facial cleansers alone. Exfoliation is key. One of the best facials is the HydraFacial, which consists of cleansing the skin, exfoliation, and a peel to remove dead skin and debris from the skin. Then impurities are extracted and your skin is hydrated. Finally, your skin is protected from the weather and sun. Continue reading “4 Options to Keep Your Skin Fresh During Winter”