Coping with Low Testosterone? Pellet Therapy is Your Answer

How long have you been feeling like a lesser version of yourself? Are you gaining weight, struggling to perform sexually, or having trouble with your memory? You might attribute these changes in your physical and mental state to pressure at work or the unavoidable effects of growing older, but the truth is that a hormone imbalance is likely the underlying factor.

Without proper testosterone production, the male body cannot continue to function like it should. Since testosterone dictates everything from appearance and sex drive to muscle mass, your condition of low testosterone can be devastating if not properly addressed.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Some signs and symptoms of low testosterone are rather subtle, but others are hard to miss.

Low Sex Drive: Testosterone drives your libido, which means that a lack of testosterone will deflate your sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction: Low testosterone is a contributing factor to ED since testosterone stimulates receptors in the brain to produce nitric oxide, a molecule that triggers a series of chemical reactions required for an erection to occur.

Fatigue and Moodiness: Fatigue and decreased energy levels are classic signs of low testosterone. Depression, irritability, and lack of focus are also common indications.

Less muscle, more fat: Testosterone regulates fat and muscle, so when your body lacks testosterone, fatty tissue starts to accumulate while muscle mass decreases. The same goes for bone mass, since testosterone is responsible for producing and strengthening bone.

The Best Solution to Your Hormone Imbalance: Pellet Therapy

Hormone therapy is available in many forms, but pellet therapy is the most efficient and reliable way to restore your vitality. Hormone pellets are no bigger than a Tic Tac. Each pellet contains a customized dosage of testosterone. One pellet is inserted into an area around your upper hip. You barely feel anything during the insertion process since it is completed under local anesthesia. Once it is situated in your body, the pellet delivers a consistent and healthy flow of testosterone through your body each day.

This constant, low-level stream of testosterone resolves your symptoms of hormone imbalance without putting you at risk of fluctuations throughout the day. You can trust that your results will be consistent. You might even notice results in as quickly as one or two days!

Dr. Yvette Suarez provides superior hormone replacement therapy using pellets at Bella Med Spa in Tampa, Florida. If you’re tired of testosterone deficiency dominating your life, call (813) 929-1500 to schedule your appointment at Bella Med Spa and discover what a difference pellet therapy can make to your quality of life.