Cutera Photo Rejuvenation for Clear, Bright Skin

Of course you want clear, bright, tight skin. Who doesn’t? But how do you know which treatment will deliver maximum results? Many cosmetic procedures promise to work miracles, but only a few can be trusted to safely and effectively revitalize your skin. The Cutera laser system is one of them! Cutera uses multiple devices to address a wide range of face and body medical aesthetic applications.

Tighten Loose, Sagging Skin

The Cutera Titan is the ultimate solution to skin laxity. Using the simple but powerful nature of light energy, the Titan stimulates new collagen growth deep beneath the skin’s surface. This tightens loose skin to help it look youthful and healthy without any need for surgery or recovery time. Safe infrared light heats the skin, in turn stimulating existing collagen to become tighter. Accelerated collagen growth in the weeks and months after the Titan treatment also helps to eliminate lax skin, folds, and lines.

If you have loose skin along the jawline, under the chin, on your abdomen, or even on your upper arms, Cutera Titan can gently restore a silky tightness to your skin.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Cutera also offers the Pearl Fractional laser treatment, an innovative procedure designed to reduce and eliminate imperfections caused by aging. Scarring, sun damage, fine lines, and uneven skin tone can all be improved using the Pearl Fractional technology. Laser heat creates tiny injuries deep in the skin that stimulates the growth of fresh collagen and much healthier skin. Photodamage and other imperfections disappear as new skin cells replace old and damaged cells.

The Cutera Laser Genesis can also achieve these results using a gentler system that does not require the use of a local anesthetic. The Laser Genesis treatment is quick enough to enjoy over your lunch break and can achieve results like decreasing redness, minimizing fine lines, and revitalizing the appearance of the skin. Whether you opt for one single treatment or a series of treatments over time, you will be thrilled to watch your skin become brighter and healthier.

Get Rid of Pigmentation Problems

The LimeLight Facial is a new and non-invasive treatment that minimizes the appearance of benign pigmented and vascular lesions. This improves your skin tone and eliminates signs of aging and photodamage. You can enjoy the LimeLight Facial around your face, neck, and decollete. Red skin, tiny veins, and brown spots don’t stand a chance against this treatment.

Bella Med Spa in Tampa, Florida proudly uses the Cutera laser system to meet your unique skincare needs. Just call (813) 929-1500 to schedule your appointment today. Dr. Suarez and her team will pair you with the Cutera treatment that will deliver the results you want!