Dr. Yvette Suarez

Finding the perfect fit with your physician is extremely important. Dr. Yvette Suarez has built a successful practice because each patient is treated with their own individualized plan. Many patients are not sure what they are looking for; it may be ways to remove sun damage and wrinkles or improve cellulite and decrease body fat. It is this team approach with a caring physician that makes this possible.

Dr. Suarez offers complimentary consultations so that you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and the ability for the two of you to plan a course of action on how to obtain “The New You”. There are many physicians in the Tampa Bay Area who offer non-surgical and surgical services but it is up to you to find the physician who you are comfortable with and prides themselves on their work. Dr. Suarez strives for beautiful and natural looking results.

Her skills and talent have led her to be an Allergan Trainer for Botox, Juvederm, Vobella, Voluma, and Kybella. Dr. Suarez has continued her education to include a natural approach to enhance our mind and body including Hormone Replacement Therapy and Intravenous vitamin supplements. As she strives for perfection she meets with her patients to determine realistic expectations and discuss the great results that are possible. Dr. Suarez uses the revolutionary ultrasound or laser for lipo which includes Vaser and Lipotherme. Due to her experience and the results her patients obtain, Dr. Suarez has become the Regional Instructor for other physicians to learn the skills for Lipo Body Sculpting.

Dr. Suarez completed medical school in 2000 at Trauma Center University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She then completed a Residential program at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando Florida. Since her completion of residency; she worked for 7 years as a Pediatric Emergency Physician in Tampa and for 3 years as an Urgent Care Physician. Dr. Suarez owns and has practiced at Bella Medspa since 2005. Dr Suarez is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.