Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions tampaYour eyes are one of your greatest assets, especially when they are emphasized by beautiful, thick lashes. Unfortunately, most women find that they aren’t satisfied with their natural lashes. While mascara can help to moderately boost the appearance of thin or short eyelashes, it must be applied everyday and risks becoming runny or clumped. Bella MedSpa now offers the perfect solution to lash problems: professional eyelash extensions.

Use Eyelash Extensions To Enjoy Longer and Defined Lashes

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied by an experienced aesthetician at Bella MedSpa in Wesley Chapel, Florida to give you the lashes you have always wanted. You’ll work with your aesthetician to select the size, style, and length of the eyelash extensions that you prefer, then sit back and relax as each eyelash is individually applied to your natural lashes. You can opt for classic lashes, which are more dramatic, mink extensions, which are very natural, or anything in between. Since your new lashes will be lightweight while still adding volume and definition to your lash line, you will love the way they look and feel.

Eyelash extensions offer a number of benefits, including the fact that your lashes look attractive and dramatic the instant that you wake up, all the way through your work day, and even through swimming, exercising, and sweating! You can also enjoy a significant sense of confidence without worrying about applying mascara or touching up your makeup throughout the day.

How Do Lash Extensions Work?

At Bella MedSpa, you can trust that your extensions will be applied to help your natural lashes flex and grow freely. This will support your lash health and growth cycle, which in turn will preserve your lash extensions for as long as possible. You can expect your lash extensions to remain in place until your natural lashes shed away and are replaced by new lashes that do not have extensions attached. You can always return to Bella MedSpa for fills and touch-ups every two to three weeks to maintain a full set of gorgeous, dramatic lashes.


Please arrive at your appointment without eye makeup and avoid using waterproof mascara for three days prior to your initial appointment. If you wear contacts, remove them during application. It is essential to keep your new eyelash extensions dry for the first 24 hours after application. Latisse may be used with eyelash extensions, since the more natural lashes you have, the more lash extensions can be applied. You will receive post-care instructions before leaving Bella MedSpa to ensure you can implement the proper home care that will extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

Whether you want to look dramatic, sexy, glamorous, or sophisticated, eyelash extensions can give your eyes the boost you’re looking for! Call (813) 929-1500 today to make your appointment and see for yourself how lash extensions can transform and enhance your appearance.