HCG Weight Loss



HCG is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. One theory for HCG is that HCG manipulates, or changes, the hypothalamus function in the brain to stimulate the mobilization of displaced, excessive fat deposits. Research also suggests that adding HCG to the body may cause an increase in the production of leptin, a hormone that has been called the “Master Fat Loss Hormone”.

HCG also appears to increase the activity of the receptors that respond to leptin. What this means is that HCG may cause your body to make more of the hormone that stimulates fat loss and helps your body respond better to that hormone. The result, as you might expect, can be fat and weight loss.

Some patients consume as few as 550 calories per day while taking HCG treatments. This is only possible because HCG helps your body turn fat into fuel. Essentially, your body will be liquidating fat stores and using that fat for energy. You’ll only need about 550 calories per day for additional energy.


Of all the diets that have originated over the years, the HCG diet has had a lasting effect and a proven legacy of over 50 years.

The HCG diet is a back to basics diet that introduces the individual to healthy and natural foods instead of the fast food and junk food culture that is permeating through society. The HCG hormone is a naturally occurring substance found in the body and is not harmful or dangerous if taken in the right doses and at the right time. It targets metabolic activity resulting in loss of weight. With the introduction of HCG drops in the body, the fat stored in the body begins to get utilized as energy, and in a matter of days the individual begins to start losing excessive weight.

It is important to note that the HCG diet must be done in accordance with the HCG guidelines and under the supervision of Dr. Suarez at Bella Medspa.

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