Laser Hair Reduction

laser Hair reduction

Laser Hair Reduction in Tampa

Hair is notorious for growing in the wrong places. Whether you were born with thick, dense arm hair or your hormones are causing hairs to grow where they shouldn’t, it can constantly be exhausting to be trimming, shaving, or waxing. 

Unwanted hair growth can sometimes be caused by hormones or genetics, but in some cases, it may also result from steroid-containing skin products. While waxing or shaving methods can work as a temporary solution, they are costly and time-consuming. Laser hair removal treatments have a very high success rate, with almost 70%-98% permanent reduction without any side effects. 

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What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser Hair reduction is a medical procedure that removes unwanted hairs from the face and body using a concentrated beam of lines called lasers.

Laser therapy is an effective and safe way to remove hair from all areas of the body and face, excluding eyebrows, eyes, and other delicate areas around the eyes. When treated by a skilled technician on the appropriate laser, most clients will see up to 70%-98% permanent reduction in hair growth. However, no one can predict how or when hair will grow back, as it depends on hormonal changes and other medical considerations. 

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The melanin of your hair absorbs the light emitted by the laser, and this light energy is converted into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicles in the skin responsible for hair growth. Therefore, the skin pigment is not affected by the laser. Rather the hair pigment is damaged to inhibit the growth of hair. Therefore, your skin is not damaged during the process.

How is Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Done?


First, the area to be treated is cleansed using a mild cleanser, and numbing cream is applied. Every person in the room must wear eye protection since these lasers are very hazardous for the eyes. Next, your skin is pulled tight and treated with lasers that remove it by vaporizing it. Patients describe this sensation as a rubber band being snapped against their skin.

Laser Hair Reduction

What are The Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?


It’s Quick

Laser hair reduction is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair. While multiple treatment sessions are required to remove hair permanently, these sessions are quick and will save you time in the long run.

It’s Less Throbbing Than Other Treatments:

Although people wrongly perceive laser hair reduction as a painful treatment, it is not very painful. Contrary to other hair reduction/removal treatments, such as waxing and electrolysis, the pain experienced during this treatment is mild.

It’s Precise:

Laser Hair reduction treatment can be used to remove hair from specific areas of the body and face; you can even precisely remove hairs from small areas like the upper lip line with laser hair reduction treatment.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs:

Laser hair reduction is an excellent option if you are prone to ingrown hair. While other hair reduction techniques like shaving and waxing cause ingrown hairs, Laser treatment destroys the hair from the root, preventing them from becoming ingrown.

It’s a Long-Term Solution:

Laser Hair Reduction treatment brings forth a long-lasting solution. However, multiple sessions and touch ups are required for maintenance. It is the best option to get rid of your unwanted hair.

Not Having to Endure Growth:

Some Hair reduction techniques require you to endure regrowth before the next procedure. Such treatments include waxing and plucking. However, you can enjoy a hair-free and smooth treatment with lasers.

Is Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Suitable for All Skin Types?


While laser hair reduction treatment works for all skin types and complexions, the hair color and skin color significantly impact the success of laser hair reduction with certain lasers. This is because the laser only affects the hair follicle, not the skin follicle. Hence, it works best when the skin color and hair color are entirely different, i.e., Dark hair and lighter skin and vice versa.

However, people of all complexions and skin types can use laser hair reduction treatment. 

If you have darker skin and dark hair and are looking for laser hair reduction , Candela ND:Yag lasers are one of the best types to offer safe and effective treatment. This laser more safely and effectively targets the hair of darker-skinned patients. It goes deeper into the skin, pushing past the skin’s pigmentation. Its longer wavelengths and weaker melanin absorption rate make it safe for darker skin and darker hair.

Laser Hair Reduction Pricing at Bella excellence tampa

laser hair reduction pricing at bella excellence


Actually, the Lightpod Neo is the safest Laser in industry for the darker skin types or tanned skin. This is because of MicroPulse-1064 technology, which essentially eliminates treatment pain while minimizing the chances of hyper and/or hypo – pigmentation.

When Would I See the Result of the Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

The time for result onset varies depending on various factors like the color and thickness of the hair, the area treated, and the type of laser used in the treatment. However, you will observe a 10% to 25% reduction in hair with every treatment.

More often than not, patients require 2 to 6 treatments to get rid of their facial or body hair. The hair that regrows in the far future will be thinner and lighter in their color.

What are the Pre-Treatment Instructions for Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

  • Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen while going out before and after the treatment. Wearing sunscreen should be a part of your routine.
  • Don’t go for other hair reduction treatments such as plucking, waxing, or electrolysis since they disrupt the hair follicle and can cause chaos during the laser treatment.
  • Don’t consume anti-inflammatory drugs, medications, or supplements that thin your blood, like aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Do shave your hair one day before the treatment. Otherwise, the lasers might burn the hair above your surface and affect the skin.

What are Post-Treatment Instructions for Laser Hair Reduction Treatment:

  • People often experience mild redness and swelling for a few hours after the treatment. However, you should apply ice to the treated area to alleviate the discomfort.
  • Notify your provider if you experience severe redness or any other skin reaction after the treatment. 
  • Always wear sunscreen before and after the treatment.

Lasers Used at Bella Excellence MedSpa Tampa

At Bella Excellence we offer Laser Hair Reduction treatment using one of the following FDA Cleared Lasers:

  1. Aerolase 
  2. Cutera
  3. Light Sheer Duet


Laser Hair Reduction treatment is a perfect choice if you want to get rid of unwanted hair at any part of your body or face with convenience. They offer various benefits and advantages over other hair reduction treatments. We have several laser options for all skin types.  Call Bella Excellence today to get rid of that unwanted hair forever. 

Why Bella Excellence

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With locations in Wesley Chapel and Westchase our we focus on comprehensive, results-oriented, and highly customized skincare and body contouring treatments that promote optimal health. We tailor our premium services to meet the specific, personal concerns of our discerning clients – so you always see your best reflection in the mirror.

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