Make Your Spider Veins Disappear with This Easy Treatment

Although many Florida residents welcomed 2018 with the unprecedented arrival of snowfall, the Florida climate is almost always warm and sunny. Living in such hot weather makes shorts, skirts, and lightweight clothes a near necessity, but those wardrobe choices might cause you stress and embarrassment if your legs are covered in spider veins. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly simple treatment called sclerotherapy that you can use to banish your spider veins by the time spring rolls around!

Why Do You Have Spider Veins, Anyway?

Spider veins can be easily recognized as the small red and purple blood vessels that twist and turn right under the skin. They’re usually most visible on the legs. Pregnancy and menopause trigger hormones that can cause spider veins, as do jobs with excessive standing and unlucky heredity.

Spider veins typically don’t cause any pain or indicate any health problems, but they are still unsightly. They form when the one-way valves that keep blood moving to the heart end up becoming defective. If the one-way valves fail, blood can backflow within the veins and cause pooling, in turn creating spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Most women with spider veins are surprised to learn that having them removed is actually so easy! Sclerotherapy is a very safe procedure that has been in use for nearly 100 years. It is becoming increasingly popular with dermatologists and cosmetic doctors thanks to its ability to deliver long-lasting results.

When you receive your sclerotherapy treatment, your cosmetic technician will inject a salt solution directly into your unwanted spider veins. The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, which will swell, clot, turn into scar tissue, and fade from sight. Blood will be rerouted through healthier veins, and your skin will look flawless!

It usually takes about three to six sclerotherapy sessions to set the stage for successful results, and over the span of one to two months you’ll see your unwanted spider veins fading from view. These incredible results are even attainable without any downtime or recovery time!

Ready to get started with sclerotherapy? Just call (813) 773-1327 to make your sclerotherapy appointment at Bella Med Spa in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Yvette Suarez leads Bella Med Spa to serve patients throughout Florida with elite cosmetic services. Get ready to go shopping for shorts, because after sclerotherapy you’ll be ready to flaunt your skin!