If you are frustrated by unwanted sections of fat on your body but don’t want to commit to a complex and risky liposuction surgery, you may be searching for an effective body contouring alternative. Bella MedSpa in Wesley Chapel, Florida offers VASER Lipo and VASER Shape, the perfect combination of treatments to eliminate unwanted fat and reshape the body.

What is VASER Shape?

While VASER Lipo is a minimally invasive liposuction technology that actually emulsifies fat, VASER Shape is its non-invasive companion treatment that works to smooth and firm the body while also promoting faster recovery and reduced post-operative pain and swelling. In just three to five comfortable and massage-like sessions, VASER Shape delivers noticeable body shaping results.

How Does VASER Shape Work?

Vaser ShapesVASER Shape works its magic through ultrasound diathermy. This involves the use of high frequency sound waves that create localized heat beneath the surface of the skin. As the VASER handpiece moves across your body, the targeted fat cells undergo a type of “micromassage” that forces them to redistribute and help the body look slimmer and smoother than before.

At the same time, this treatment also stimulates the body’s lymphatic system with zonal massage. Since the lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins, excess fluids, and waste from the body, VASER Shape ensures that the body can more efficiently drain and metabolize unwanted fluids from your most frustrating problem areas.

As ultrasound diathermy redistributes fat cells and zonal massage boosts blood circulation and filters toxins from the body, each VASER Shape treatment will bring you one step closer to shaping a slimmer and more contoured body. You can utilize VASER Shape on your abdomen, back, arms, love handles, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Treatment Information

VASER Shape is a completely non-invasive treatment that does not require any recovery time. The length of your treatment will depend upon the size of your targeted areas. Most patients experience significant results after three to five sessions. Whether used alone or in conjunction with the minimally invasive VASER Lipo, VASER Shape is a powerful treatment to sculpt the body you have always wanted.

Call (813) 929-1500 to schedule your own VASER appointment at Bella MedSpa in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Get ready to love your reflection in the mirror!