What Fatigue and Stress Might Really Be Trying to Tell You

Have you noticed that you are more tired and stressed than usual? You might believe that you’re just having a difficult time at work, or that your relationships are hitting a rough patch. But in reality, it is entirely possible that your fatigue and stress are what is causing your work and home life to be difficult. Being tired all of the time, even on your days off, is often a sign that something is out of balance with your health.

Deficiencies in hormones are often the cause of fatigue and stress in both men and women. As we age, natural hormone production in the body begins to decrease. Some hormones may decrease unnaturally as well, such as thyroid hormone. Often these hormone deficiencies come with a constant feeling of tiredness as well as mood changes, the combination of which can make life very stressful. Here’s what you need to know about this link between fatigue, stress, and hormones.

Hormone Deficiencies That Cause Fatigue

There are several different hormone deficiencies that can cause fatigue, tiredness, or oversleeping. Both men and women may be deficient in testosterone, thyroid, or growth hormone. In addition, women may be deficient in estrogen. All four of these hormones affect your energy levels and metabolism. Often hormone replacement therapy can help eliminate the feelings of fatigue.

Hormone Deficiencies That Contribute to Stress

Being deficient in hormones can easily add to or create stress in all areas of your life. Fatigue alone can make everything seem stressful, but some hormones are related to your mood and cognitive function. If you are deficient in testosterone or growth hormone, you are likely to experience mood changes. Women are also very susceptible to stress if they are deficient in estrogen and progesterone.

If you have suffered from fatigue and stress for several months and nothing seems to be improving, it is a good idea to undergo testing to check hormone levels. Hormone replacement therapy, and hormone pellet therapy in particular, is a wonderful solution that can make you feel like a whole new person. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.