PDO Threads

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Rediscover Your Youthful Beauty: The PDO Thread Lift Revolution

Introducing the PDO thread lift, a groundbreaking aesthetic treatment that brings a new level of rejuvenation to your skin. While PDO threads have been used safely for decades in various medical applications, their use in non-surgical facelifts is transforming the world of aesthetics. Lift, tighten, and restore your skin to a higher, more youthful position with this revolutionary procedure.

How PDO Threads Work

PDO thread lifts offer multiple benefits to enhance your skin’s texture and appearance. Here’s how they work:

PDO Threads - What Sets Them Apart

PDO threads stand out among other thread lift options for their proven effectiveness and safety. With a history dating back to the 1980s, these biodegradable polyester sutures have been used in various surgical procedures. Their presence in your skin triggers collagen production by fibroblasts, restoring your skin’s structure and elasticity. Explore the three types of PDO threads—mono, cog, and screw—and discover how they can revitalize your skin and restore volume to sunken areas.

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Immediate Results and Treatment Frequency

Immediate Results: Following a PDO thread lift, you will notice an immediate reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, giving your face a more youthful appearance. Over time, the threads interact with your body’s regenerative abilities, further improving skin quality.

Single Treatment: In most cases, one treatment is sufficient to achieve your desired results. The PDO thread lift directly lifts the skin, reducing skin laxity and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. A single treatment appointment can provide a more youthful visage.

Treatment Frequency: The longevity of results varies, typically lasting between six to twelve months. Depending on your skin’s condition, age, and response to the treatment, you may choose to have PDO thread lifts once or twice a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to inform and guide you on PDO Thread treatment options.
PDO threads gradually break down in the body over approximately six months. During this time, they stimulate collagen production for long-lasting results.
The presence of PDO threads triggers fibroblast cells, which are responsible for collagen synthesis. This stimulation promotes natural collagen production, improving skin structure and elasticity.
Yes, PDO thread lifts are considered safe. The threads have a well-established safety profile and have been used in various medical procedures for decades.
The number of treatments required varies based on individual needs and desired outcomes. Your provider will assess your goals and create a customized treatment plan for optimal results.

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