The 3 Best Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation

Supple, shapely lips are undeniably attractive, but not all women are born with the lips they want. Even women who were once happy with their lips find that the natural aging process robs them of volume over time. Fortunately, dermal fillers make it possible to subtly replace that volume and restore smooth suppleness to the lips. If you want a pout that can’t be ignored, the following three dermal fillers will do the trick.

Juvederm Volbella XC

As the newest dermal filler approved by the FDA specifically for lip augmentation, Juvederm Volbella XC delivers serious results. Of all of the lip fillers available, Volbella has the lowest concentration of hyaluronic acid, which means it creates subtle volume with a soft and natural shape. Thanks to Volbella’s formula that mixes different lengths of hyaluronic acid chains, you can expect this filler to perform with excellent stability. It is clinically proven to last up to one year! Continue reading “The 3 Best Dermal Fillers for Lip Augmentation”

Celebrities Love Ultherapy – You Will, Too

Christie Brinkley looks many years younger than her true age, and it’s easy to envy her natural beauty and flawless skin. But Brinkley has made no secret of the fact that she uses cosmetic treatments like Ultherapy to maintain her youthful, vibrant appearance. As an FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment, Ultherapy is the ultimate way to combat skin laxity of the neck, chin, chest, and brows. Even without Brinkley’s bank account, you can easily afford this treatment and enjoy the results for years to come!

Why Do Celebs Love Ultherapy?

Brinkley is far from the only celebrity to credit Ultherapy for preserving her appearance. Other famous names like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox also list Ultherapy as one of the non-negotiable components of their ongoing skin care routine. This non-invasive skin lift procedure is so popular because it naturally lifts and tightens the skin without requiring any surgery or downtime. Continue reading “Celebrities Love Ultherapy – You Will, Too”

Top 3 Benefits of a Silhouette InstaLift Treatment

If you are in the process of researching and selecting a cosmetic treatment that will enhance your appearance and reverse unwanted signs of aging, you deserve to take advantage of the most innovative and cutting-edge options. As one of the newest lifting treatments available, the Silhouette InstaLift should definitely be on your list. In fact, the InstaLift offers a combination of anti-aging benefits that few other procedures can.

The Silhouette InstaLift Creates an Immediate Lift to the Skin

The Silhouette InstaLift is a unique dual-action treatment that triggers immediate lifting of the tissue in the mid-face area. This quick and painless procedure uses sutures to lift the skin and create the exact effect that you want. You can see results immediately after your treatment. The tired and worn appearance of premature aging will be lifted away and replaced by youthful contours in the mid-face region.   Continue reading “Top 3 Benefits of a Silhouette InstaLift Treatment”

3 Unique Things You Can Do with Botox

If you’ve ever used Botox to erase those pesky wrinkles along your forehead or between your brows, then you know it is a reliable and effective anti-aging treatment. But did you know that Botox actually has some creative and unusual applications to enhance your appearance beyond your wrinkles? The following three ideas can help you harness the power of Botox in unique ways.

A Quick Introduction to Botox

Botox is a purified neurotoxin protein that relaxes the muscles responsible for contracting the skin. Once it is injected into targeted muscles within the face, it stops those muscles from contracting and gives wrinkles on the skin the opportunity to smooth away. However, it is possible to use the relaxing properties of Botox for other purposes as well. Continue reading “3 Unique Things You Can Do with Botox”

Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age?

You may not think of your hands as being the body part most likely to give away your age, but the truth is that accumulated signs of sun damage and lost collagen on your hands can cause you to look and feel years older than you really are. Fortunately, innovative laser technology makes it possible to reverse those signs of damage and revive the appearance of your hands. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hand rejuvenation is growing in popularity as people realize how gently and efficiently it restores a youthful appearance to the hands.

How Does IPL Rejuvenate the Hands?

This high-powered technology uses a versatile hand piece to deliver potent broad-spectrum pulses of light that heal a number of skin conditions ranging from sun spots to hyper pigmentation and broken blood vessels. As the IPL light beams pass through your skin, the laser’s broad spectrum light targets specific skin pigments that cause redness, discolored patches, and dark spots. Continue reading “Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age?”

Get Your Glow On with Lytera from SkinMedica

There is no shortage of skincare products on the market, but only a select few brands are formulated with the ingredients that can actually deliver dramatic and lasting results. SkinMedica is one such brand. Every SkinMedica product is scientifically formulated and clinically tested to rejuvenate skin and restore your youthful appearance.

SkinMedica’s Lytera Skin Brightening Complex is one of the line’s most popular products because it is capable of brightening dull skin and minimizing the appearance of skin discoloration and dark spots. Here’s every reason that you should add Lytera to your daily routine. Continue reading “Get Your Glow On with Lytera from SkinMedica”

Drop the Razor, Start Thinking Laser

As a sixth or seventh grade adolescent, becoming old enough to finally shave your legs was probably a major thrill and achievement. However, twenty or thirty years later, the satisfaction of shaving your legs has morphed into a dreaded obligation. Week after week, razor after razor, you are forced to remove hair from your body while knowing it will probably return before dinnertime. So, drop the razor. Start thinking laser.

Laser hair removal is the ultimate way to liberate yourself from the daily burden of hair removal and feel confident and secure in your smooth, hairless skin. If you’re ready to make a change and toss that razor for good, these are the most important facts you should know about laser hair removal. Continue reading “Drop the Razor, Start Thinking Laser”

Defy Gravity with the Ultherapy Brow Lift

Wrinkles, sun damage, and sagging skin are the enemies of youthfulness, but thanks to innovative cosmetic treatments like Ultherapy, they don’t have to define you! As an FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment for skin laxity, Ultherapy makes it possible for men and women alike to lift and tighten skin that gravity might otherwise claim for itself.

When it comes to maintaining a vibrant and youthful appearance, your brows make a bigger difference than you might realize. It is common for the muscle that holds the eyelids and eyebrows in position to become strained or overworked, allowing the brow and eyelids to slide down and droop. This makes you look older than you really are. Fortunately, Ultherapy can lift your brows back into place effortlessly. Continue reading “Defy Gravity with the Ultherapy Brow Lift”

Get Beach Ready with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Changing the size and shape of your buttocks used to require a risky and expensive procedure that could not promise successful results. All of that has changed thanks to the Brazilian butt lift. Using nothing but the fat tissue already on your body, the Brazilian butt lift distributes small fat droplets throughout your buttocks in order to enhance its shape, size, and overall appearance. It only takes a few injections to finally have a sexy, youthful figure you can flaunt on the beach all summer.

How Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

A Brazilian butt lift is surprisingly simple. It begins by identifying areas on your body that contain extra fat, like your thighs, flanks, and abdomen. A gentle liposuction treatment is used to harvest viable fat cells in those areas. This means that you begin your Brazilian butt lift procedure by slimming and contouring the biggest problem areas on your body. The harvested fat is then purified using a centrifuge. Tiny cannulas are used to inject and distribute small droplets of high quality fat into the buttocks area. Continue reading “Get Beach Ready with the Brazilian Butt Lift”

Revitalizing Your Eyes with SkinMedica

Aging isn’t easy, especially as you try to keep up with each area of your body as it surrenders to loss of collagen and elastin. The skin around your eyes is particularly vulnerable to wrinkles and volume loss as you get older, and you have probably started to notice crows feet, under-eye bags, and other issues developing.

Rather than accept these signs of aging as unavoidable, you can use the following cosmetic products to minimize wrinkles, eliminate puffiness, and revitalize the appearance of your eyes.

SkinMedica TNS® Eye Repair Continue reading “Revitalizing Your Eyes with SkinMedica”